The Materials

I work with materials that have been responsibly and ethically sourced.

I mainly work with 925 Sterling silver.

I am a licensed user of the Argentium Brand and Trade Marks. Argentium Silver is a purer more superior silver. It's brighter and whiter than Platinum, Palladium or Sterling Silver. Argentium is low maintenance, tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic and easy to look after. Click here to learn more about Argentium

I work with white, yellow, red gold in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct. I also work with SMO (single mine origin) Gold. If you see a piece of my jewellery that you like but would prefer it in a different carat or white rather than yellow or visa versa, please do contact me here

The semi-precious and precious gemstones I work with are as responsibly and ethically sourced as possible from trusted suppliers in the U.K. These suppliers are working hard to ensure best practices are met. They visit and build strong relationships with the workshops and factories where the gemstones are cut, and are confident that the people employed are treated well and fairly.